Family Party!

Family Party, Banquets, whenever you need good food for lots of people and a place for adults & kids to play.

 Bounce Magic is the place to celebrate with your family. We have the Family Party for your 1 or 2 or 3 year olds! Make magical memories forever at Bounce Magic.

We have the bounce houses for the kids and lots of games for the adults. You have been here for birthday parties so why not bring in the kids and adults for a banquet style party? The Family Party is also perfect for your hockey team, soccer team, baseball team, office party with the kids, or any other group that just wants to have a great time in a great fun place. We offer fantastic prices on a fun filled evening for both kids and the adults!  We have always offered an awesome menu, so it only makes sense to offer an awesome buffet-style dinner when you have a birthday party or event with us!

One Hour of limited dinner in a buffet dinner style.
Meat options (Choose 1. Add $1.50 per person for a second meat choice)
> Roast Beef w/ rolls-or- Pulled Pork w/ rolls -or- Chicken Quarters  -or- Pizza & Wings

Side dish (Choose 1 Only)
>Baked ziti
>Baked Beans
>Spaghetti with sauce on the side

Salad (Choose 1 or second option is $1.00/person):
-Chef Salad
-Mustard Potato Salad
-Creamy Coleslaw

Steamed Vegetables (Choose 1 Only)
-Northwest Vegetable Blend

-Mixed Vegetables

Dessert(Choose 1 Only)
-Cookies (aprox. 2 per guest)
-Brownies (aprox. 2 per guest)
-Fruit Platter

*Quantities of each are based on the number of guests.

 Your party starts as early as 5pm and goes until 8:30pm. We close at 9pm so it will give your guest time to leave without being rushed. Your kids will get hours of play time! Dinner will be served at 6:30 pm. Water and soft drinks are always included with every party. You and your guests will each get ten (10) tokens for game play and that includes the adults! We can supply a wireless microphone for you to use for presentations and awards if desired. The facility will still be open to the public but you will be the only group in the party area.

Restrictions: Only available evenings. Must have a minimum of 20 people (kids and adults combined). Minimum package price is $300.00 plus tax No birthday party supplies are included. You can bring your own or buy ours. $100.00 dollar non refundable deposit is required. If you cancel or change the date you will NOT get a refund. Food is made to the expected number of guess and children. We always make enough for seconds but when it's gone, it is gone. So be accurate with your counts! All counts must be finalized no less than four(4) days before event. Changes after that will NOT be granted because once the food is ordered we cannot send it back. However, in the event your guest don't all show up the day of the event we will charge you as follows. Minimum charge of $300.00 plus tax and gratuity and $4.00 per guest that did not attend based on the number you gave us so it is important to be accurate in your count or it will cost you. You will of course be entitled to the extra food for the missing guests. After all, you will have paid for it.

Pricing: All Kids are $19.99 regardless of age - includes a discounted play pass, 10 tokens, soft drinks and dinner starts at 6:30pm.
Adults (18 yrs of age and older) are $11.99 - includes Drinks, Dinner, and 10 tokens.

Disclaimer: Meats, baked goods and desserts are limited to what is prepared for you expected number of guests. Please be as accurate as possible. Once these are gone there is no more. Leftovers are available upon request to your hostess.

Extra items to add onto your party or event.

>Extra tokens ............................... $20 for 100 tokens

>Cheese and one topping pizza ...... $14.50 (16inch)

>Birthday Paper Products ............... $2.00 per place setting