A BIG shout out to everyone who attended

Superhero Night at Bounce Magic!

       Bounce Magic would like to thank everyone who came out for our first ever Superhero event. Joined by The Superhero Alliance of WNY and Master Khechen's Martial Arts Academy students, the evening was a huge success! Children of all ages, (and some super moms and dads) dressed up as their favorite superheros or villains and joined us for and evening full of laughter and fun! The kids received an autograph book, complete with superhero stickers and were sent on a mission to complete 5 superhero challenges. Conquer the Spiderwall, smash thru a brick wall, lift 2000 lb. weights, compete in  the good vs. evil tug o war challenge and make their very own Superhero craft. Master Khechen's team exploded with energy and showed everyone how to bust a move like a superhero! Upon completion of Superhero training the kids received a Superhero Certification and a  certificate of completion.

     The evening ended with a BANG

when Poison Ivy crept thru the crowd of children with one very sparkly `bomb'. Batman swooped in to save the day but the Joker foiled his efforts, racing around the crowd, waving his prize with pure Joker madness while the Superheros of WNY were in hot pursuit, finally Batman was able to steal the device and chuck it over the wall, just in time. BOOM!  Silly String and confetti exploded everywhere!  

Thanks to your support, Bounce Magic is proud to be able to donate $1750.00 to

Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo